Three Graces

Three Graces

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Across time and place, the overarching concept of “The 3 Graces” has taken many inspiring forms. The GLDN P.O.V. is a depiction of women supporting women.
What will this iconic symbol mean to you?

  • Greek Mythology - The Charities: Expressions of charm, beauty, and creativity.

  • Roman Mythology - The Gratia: Experiences of splendor, joy, and laughter.

  • Renaissance Era - The Muses: Patrons of art, music, and literature.

  • Theology - The Virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

  • Norse Mythology - The Norns: Weavers of the past, present, and future.

Ancient is the New Modern.

A masterful collaboration between GLDN founder Chrissy and her dad, Alex Lavdovsky. The Three Graces blends historical artwork, classic engraving, and modern style. This is the epitome of wearable art.



When you add this piece to your cart, you will be prompted to select your necklace length: 18”, 20”, 22”, or 24”

Our models, Zoe and Nina are wearing this piece at 20” in gold and 22" in silver.


  • available in 14k Gold Fill, and Sterling Silver

  • raw materials are 100% USA-sourced

  • “Minimal” chain option: for those who prefer understated simplicity

  • “Iconic” chain option: for an on-trend statement vibe

  • 12x18mm oval pendant is made in Victoria, BC (Canada) by Chrissy and her dad using hand-engraved dies and centuries old metal-working techniques.

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