Aurora Bar Ring IMG_7643-Edit-Edit.jpg

Aurora Bar Ring

from 38.00
DUELLE EARRING 2017_05_22 - Capsule Collection Product11348.jpg


from 54.00
Custom Name Necklace 140_35 names closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9345.jpg

Custom Name Necklace

from 34.00
Aydan Necklace 2017_02_18 - Gelb day 14969.jpg

Aydan Necklace

from 41.00
Adria Ring DSC_9189.jpg

Adria Ring

from 16.00
Open Circle Choker Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two8688-Edit.jpg

Open Circle Choker Necklace

from 25.00
Modern Namesake Bar Necklace GN130_40-1400-9275.jpg

Modern Namesake Bar Necklace

from 46.00
The Novel Cuff Bracelet 2017_09_06 - Product14356.jpg

The Novel Cuff Bracelet

from 37.00
Square Initial Ring 794B2356-2.jpg

Square Initial Ring

from 24.00
Minimal Bar Necklace framed-2017_01_11 - GLDN Bars8902-fudged.jpg

Minimal Bar Necklace

from 42.00
DAVINA EARRING 2017_05_22 - Capsule Collection Product11335.jpg


from 38.00
DUET NECKLACE Crop -DSC07962.jpg


Personalized Yarra Ring 2017_02_14 - RIngs4316.jpg

Personalized Yarra Ring

from 51.00
Lucine Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two8681-Edit.jpg

Lucine Necklace

from 26.00
Selene Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two8685-Edit-2.jpg

Selene Necklace

from 28.00
Karma Necklace 2017_02_18 - Gelb day 14848.jpg

Karma Necklace

from 28.00
Custom Roman Numerals Necklace 130_30 Getty Closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9359.jpg

Custom Roman Numerals Necklace

from 34.00
KENAI Stacking Ring Crop -2017_05_17 - Annabella Capsule Collection Gelb11460.jpg

KENAI Stacking Ring

from 17.00
Lor Necklace 2017_02_23 - Gelb a0276 1-2.jpg

Lor Necklace

from 22.00
Aura Choker Emily Mills10565.jpg

Aura Choker

from 35.00
Hala Choker 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1042.jpg

Hala Choker

from 42.00
La Étreinte - XO set of 2 794B9376-2.jpg

La Étreinte - XO set of 2

from 59.00
Thin Cuff Bracelet 794B8499.jpg

Thin Cuff Bracelet

from 28.00
Basquiat Personalized Bar Bracelet 2017_09_13 - LB206 Disk Chart15181 (1).jpg

Basquiat Personalized Bar Bracelet

from 28.00
Actual Handwriting Necklace 2016_12_07 - New Emma7892 copy.jpg

Actual Handwriting Necklace

from 49.00
Personalized Memoire Ring 2016_11_02 - Rings6205 b.jpg

Personalized Memoire Ring

from 34.00
Cuar Collar Curve Necklace Emily Mills10673.jpg

Cuar Collar Curve Necklace

from 38.00
Judd Bar Necklace DSC_9271.jpg

Judd Bar Necklace

from 34.00
Tiny Gem Necklace (Andalusite) 2017_06_1311751.jpg

Tiny Gem Necklace (Andalusite)

from 32.00
Actual Handwriting Bar Bracelet 2017_08_29 - Bracelets11518-1x1-framed.jpg

Actual Handwriting Bar Bracelet

from 49.00
Personalized Judd Bar Necklace framed-2017_01_17 - GLDN Bars9122.jpg

Personalized Judd Bar Necklace

from 42.00
DEUX LINKS NECKLACE Crop -794B7060.jpg


Serra Bar Necklace DSC_9269-2.jpg

Serra Bar Necklace

from 37.00
DAVI EARRING 2017_05_22 - Capsule Collection Product11326.jpg


from 47.00
Personalized Serra Bar Necklace 140_35 names closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9345.jpg

Personalized Serra Bar Necklace

from 46.00
Long Y-Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9118-Edit.jpg

Long Y-Necklace

from 33.00
Personalized Turrell Bar Bracelet 2017_09_06 - Heidi Part 214537-Edit.jpg

Personalized Turrell Bar Bracelet

from 36.00
Bruges Ring ring-42.jpg

Bruges Ring

from 38.00
Axis Ring DSC_9133.jpg

Axis Ring

from 32.00
Yarra Ring DSC_9040.jpg

Yarra Ring

from 44.00
Circle Friendship Necklace Sets IMG_6727-Edit.jpg

Circle Friendship Necklace Sets

from 32.00
Vertical Initials Bar Necklace DSC_9301 copy.jpg

Vertical Initials Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Personalized Rhone Band IMG_8798-Edit.jpg

Personalized Rhone Band

from 35.00
Vollmond Initial Necklace Medium Initial Disk Necklace

Vollmond Initial Necklace

from 29.00
Linear Ring ring-31.jpg

Linear Ring

from 26.00
DUET EARRING 2017_05_22 - Capsule Collection Product11369.jpg


from 52.00
Short Y-Necklace 2017_02_23 - Gelb Arlene-148-Edit-2.jpg

Short Y-Necklace

from 30.00
Astoria Personalized Ring 2017_02_16 - Bar Ring4331-2.jpg

Astoria Personalized Ring

from 39.00
Custom Coordinates Necklace framed-2017_01_129012.jpg

Custom Coordinates Necklace

from 36.00
Lateral Ring DSC_9065.jpg

Lateral Ring

from 32.00
Serra Bar Bracelet GN_coor_bracelet-2333-Edit.jpg

Serra Bar Bracelet

from 42.00
Equate Ring DSC_9172.jpg

Equate Ring

from 32.00
Aire Ring DSC_9064.jpg

Aire Ring

from 15.00
Ludwig Bar Necklace DSC_9284.jpg

Ludwig Bar Necklace

from 27.00
Pleine Lune Bracelet 2017_09_22 - Gem Bracelets15380.jpg

Pleine Lune Bracelet

from 22.00
Basquiat Bar Necklace  Copy of 2016_09_14 - LL GLDN General2736.jpg

Basquiat Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Deacon Bar Necklace DSC_9281.jpg

Deacon Bar Necklace

from 38.00
Double Wrap Lace Chain Choker Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9159.jpg

Double Wrap Lace Chain Choker Necklace

from 34.00
Pleine Lune Necklace DSC_9286.jpg

Pleine Lune Necklace

from 28.00

Marama Necklace

from 28.00
Vollmond Necklace DSC_9302.jpg

Vollmond Necklace

from 25.00
Koray Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1541.jpg

Koray Necklace

from 35.00
Ayla Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1535.jpg

Ayla Necklace

from 32.00
Yue Necklace Blank Gold Disk Necklace

Yue Necklace

from 20.00
Aysel Necklace 104A0535.jpg

Aysel Necklace

from 28.00
Lor Initial Necklace Small Disk Initial Necklace

Lor Initial Necklace

from 27.00
Tavi Ear Climbers DSC_8871.jpg

Tavi Ear Climbers

from 30.00
Tate Vertical Bar Necklace DSC_9288.jpg

Tate Vertical Bar Necklace

from 27.00
Ono Vertical Bar Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1583.jpg

Ono Vertical Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Calder Vertical Bar Necklace DSC_9304.jpg

Calder Vertical Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Miro Vertical Bar Necklace 2017_02_23 - Gelb a9792.jpg

Miro Vertical Bar Necklace

from 32.00
Extra Minimal Bar Necklace 130_16 Kahlo Closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9393-Edit.jpg

Extra Minimal Bar Necklace

from 34.00
Kate Earrings DSC_8927.jpg

Kate Earrings

from 22.00
Jane Earrings ring-112.jpg

Jane Earrings

from 24.00
Marion Earrings ring-115.jpg

Marion Earrings

from 24.00
Getty Bar Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1079.jpg

Getty Bar Necklace

from 32.00
Personalized Getty Bar Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9524-Edit.jpg

Personalized Getty Bar Necklace

from 40.00
Kahlo Bar Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9229-Edit-2.jpg

Kahlo Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Personalized Kahlo Bar Necklace GN130_40- 9276-Edit copy.jpg

Personalized Kahlo Bar Necklace

from 34.00
Turrell Bar Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1069.jpg

Turrell Bar Necklace

from 38.00
Personalized Turrell Bar Necklace framed-2017_01_17 - GLDN Bars9148.jpg

Personalized Turrell Bar Necklace

from 46.00
Meuse Band DSC_9158.jpg

Meuse Band

from 28.00
Eva Earrings DSC_8884.jpg

Eva Earrings

from 24.00
Liesl Earrings ring-77.jpg

Liesl Earrings

from 24.00
Ronan Ear Climbers DSC_8852.jpg

Ronan Ear Climbers

from 32.00
Marta Earrings 2017_04_08 - Locket Shoot10202.jpg

Marta Earrings

from 21.00
Lou Earrings Heart Wire Stud Earrings

Lou Earrings

from 14.00
Seine Ring DSC_9052.jpg

Seine Ring

from 46.00
DUET RING 2017_05_22 - Capsule Collection Product11400.jpg


from 22.00
Vera Earrings ring-83.jpg

Vera Earrings

from 22.00
Nora Earrings DSC_8890.jpg

Nora Earrings

from 22.00
Brigitta Earrings 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9032.jpg

Brigitta Earrings

from 23.00
Loma Earrings ring-88.jpg

Loma Earrings

from 22.00

Yue Initial Necklace

from 23.00
Clemence Earrings DSC_8906.jpg

Clemence Earrings

from 36.00
Totte Earrings DSC_8907.jpg

Totte Earrings

from 34.00
Marama Initial Necklace Large Disk Initial Necklace

Marama Initial Necklace

from 32.00
Tiny Gem Necklace (Melanite Black Garnet) 2017_02_23 - Gelb a0772.jpg

Tiny Gem Necklace (Melanite Black Garnet)

from 30.00
Mia Earrings DSC_8918.jpg

Mia Earrings

from 20.00
Edie Earrings DSC_8935.jpg

Edie Earrings

from 20.00
Kass Earrings ring-101.jpg

Kass Earrings

from 22.00
Ilsa Earrings Earring-42.jpg

Ilsa Earrings

from 24.00
Daria Earrings 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two8993-Edit.jpg

Daria Earrings

from 38.00
Freya Earrings DSC_8848.jpg

Freya Earrings

from 32.00
Nobel Earrings Set 2017_04_19 - Mirrors0818.jpg

Nobel Earrings Set

from 32.00
Aisling Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1616.jpg

Aisling Necklace

from 32.00
Sona Necklace DSC_9303.jpg

Sona Necklace

from 32.00
Thames Band 2017_06_0211556.jpg

Thames Band

from 26.00
Ena Necklace 2016_08_04 - GLDN General1625.jpg

Ena Necklace

from 32.00
Arquette Ring DSC_9089.jpg

Arquette Ring

from 24.00
Dawn Ring ring-27.jpg

Dawn Ring

from 32.00
Soleil Ring DSC_9100.jpg

Soleil Ring

from 24.00
Lune Ring ring-22.jpg

Lune Ring

from 26.00
Ciel Ring DSC_9089.jpg

Ciel Ring

from 24.00
Tikal Ring ring-5.jpg

Tikal Ring

from 26.00
Teoti Ring DSC_9105.jpg

Teoti Ring

from 26.00
Castillo Ring ring-12.jpg

Castillo Ring

from 24.00
Picchu Ring ring-8.jpg

Picchu Ring

from 24.00
TIGRIS Stacking Ring Crop -2017_05_17 - Annabella Capsule Collection Gelb11396.b.jpg

TIGRIS Stacking Ring

from 20.00
Itza Ring DSC_9112.jpg

Itza Ring

from 24.00
Lieve Ring DSC_9029.jpg

Lieve Ring

from 46.00
Rhone Band ring-63.jpg

Rhone Band

from 24.00
Orinoco Ring ring-53.jpg

Orinoco Ring

from 22.00
Silo Ring DSC_9038.jpg

Silo Ring

from 36.00
Lena Ring DSC_9132.jpg

Lena Ring

from 24.00
Vertical Namesake Bar Necklace DSC_9301 copy.jpg

Vertical Namesake Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Y-Chain DSC_8946.jpg


from 23.00
Adjustable Extender GLDN-EXT2770-Edit.jpg

Adjustable Extender

from 6.00