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Our first priority is making sure that you’re not simply satisfied– but genuinely happy with your jewelry!

We offer all customers reworks, repairs, exchanges, and returns. For US customers, we also offer free return labels within 30 days of your order.


Reworks and Repairs


What it's for: Resizing, personalization issues,
quality issues, broken pieces, lost pieces

Available Timeframe: Forever

Cost: Free (0-6 months), Discounted (6-12
months), Full Repair Cost (+12 months)

Processing Time: Approximately 2 weeks

If you'd like to rework a piece, where was it delivered and how long ago did you receive your it?



What it's for: Change in metal, exchange
for a different style of piece

Available Timeframe: Within 90 days of receiving

Cost: Purchase upgrade for difference or
receive refund for difference in price depending

Processing Time: Approximately 2 weeks

If you'd like to exchange, when and where did you receive your order?



What it's for: Accepted for any and all
unworn pieces. Sometimes it just doesn't
work out– and that's okay.

Available Timeframe: Within 30 days of receiving

Cost: Free

Processing Time: Approximately 1-2 weeks

If you'd like to return, was your order delivered within the US or outside the US?

*last updated October 2nd, 2019

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