Time to Get Fancy: Enamel Pins by Artists


Enamel pins are a great way for everyone to show their support of illustrators, designers and artists.  Here are some of our favorites with links to where you can get them.  And don't be shy to pile them on...you'll obviously look outstanding, but you'll also be supporting small makers and artists.  It's time to get your fancy on.

trendy enamel pins

Tallulah Fontaine

Uber talented illustrator out of Toronto



A fun artist and author (with a dope IG feed).


Ness Lee

Artistic talent out of Toronto


Laura Berger

A badass artist you should know about!


Steph Says Hello

Goods by UK Illustrator, Steph Baxer


Jordan Grace Owens

Artist and Illustrator out of North Carolina


Auntie Mims

A creative husband and wife team from Dover, UK


This Way To The Circus

Pins and cool stuff by Boe


The Good Twin

Illustrations & Designs by Katie Wilson


Smarty Pants Paper Co

Creative cads and gifts by Kate


Benjie Escobar

LA-based, multi-talented creative.


City of Industry

Products by maker Sarah Anderson


Maria Ines Gul

London based illustrator and artist


Honey & Brie

Californian husband and wife design team


Jean Jullien

Talented French artist (with a very fun IG feed!)

jean jullien enamel pins

Satellite Goods

A series of pins by a husband and wife design team


The Uncommon Place

Pins by designer Katie Thierjung


Kate and Cait

Pins designed by best friends Kathleen & Caitlin


Jolly Awesome

by artist Matt Nguyen



Handmade Sam*Made - Designer & maker of pins and mobiles


People I’ve Loved

Lovely Ladies with lovely souls making beautiful stuff


Kaye Blegvad

Artist, jeweler and maker of awesome things


Leah Goren

Badass Illustrator out of Brooklyn, NY



Which are you favorites?  Do you have faves we missed?  

Let us know so we can check them out!