Minimal Bar Necklace framed-2017_01_11 - GLDN Bars8902-fudged.jpg

Minimal Bar Necklace

from 44.00
Myra Heart Necklace 2018_07_25 - LN230 Heart5673-2.jpg

Myra Heart Necklace

from 38.00
Zodiac Constellation Disk Necklace DSC00656-2.jpg

Zodiac Constellation Disk Necklace

from 39.00
Personalized Marseille Pendant Necklace 2018_01_30 - 0418.jpg

Personalized Marseille Pendant Necklace

from 43.00
Maude Heart Necklace 2018_05_23 -4727-2.jpg

Maude Heart Necklace

from 35.00
Vertical Initials Bar Necklace 2017_09_02 - Twins Product13894.jpg

Vertical Initials Bar Necklace

from 31.00
Bennett Necklace 794B2413.jpg

Bennett Necklace

from 43.00
Palermo Initial Tags 794B2250.jpg

Palermo Initial Tags

from 37.00
La Femme Collection: Toujours Pendant Necklace 794B2387.jpg

La Femme Collection: Toujours Pendant Necklace

from 39.00
Modern Namesake Bar Necklace GN130_40-1400-9275.jpg

Modern Namesake Bar Necklace

from 48.00
Actual Handwriting Necklace 2016_12_07 - New Emma7892 copy.jpg

Actual Handwriting Necklace

from 71.00
Sofia Necklace 794B2135.jpg

Sofia Necklace

from 43.00
Layered Set: Marama + Personalized Lor Disk Necklaces 2017_10_17 - Kayla Product17680 2.jpg

Layered Set: Marama + Personalized Lor Disk Necklaces

from 55.00
Hand Gestures Necklaces Copy of BFF necklace, sister necklace, best friend jewelry, best friends necklaces

Hand Gestures Necklaces

from 29.00
Custom Roman Numerals Necklace 130_30 Getty Closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9359.jpg

Custom Roman Numerals Necklace

from 36.00
Custom Name Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9524-Edit.jpg

Custom Name Necklace

from 36.00
Personalized Getty Bar Necklace 2017_11_03 - 20165.jpg

Personalized Getty Bar Necklace

from 42.00
Ono Vertical Bar Tags Necklace 2017_09_02 - Twins Product13388-2.jpg

Ono Vertical Bar Tags Necklace

from 39.00
Layered Set: Mila Disk + Simple Gemstone Necklaces 2017_10_31 -19036.jpg

Layered Set: Mila Disk + Simple Gemstone Necklaces

from 51.00
Hand Gestures Link Necklace 2018_08_22 - 1354-2.jpg

Hand Gestures Link Necklace

from 30.00
Yue Initial Necklace 2017_11_03 - 20180.jpg

Yue Initial Necklace

from 26.00
Lor Initial Necklace 2017_10_12 - Test16625crop.jpg

Lor Initial Necklace

from 29.00
Custom Coordinates Necklace framed-2017_01_129012.jpg

Custom Coordinates Necklace

from 42.00
Vollmond Initial Necklace 2017_10_17 - Kayla Product18239.jpg

Vollmond Initial Necklace

from 33.00
Personalized Judd Bar Necklace DSC_9271.jpg

Personalized Judd Bar Necklace

from 44.00
Mila Disk Necklace 2016_11_25 - Product7415 1.jpg

Mila Disk Necklace

from 30.00
Extra Minimal Bar Necklace 130_16 Kahlo Closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9393-Edit.jpg

Extra Minimal Bar Necklace

from 36.00
Personalized Kahlo Bar Necklace GN130_40- 9276-Edit copy.jpg

Personalized Kahlo Bar Necklace

from 36.00
Personalized Turrell Bar Necklace framed-2017_01_17 - GLDN Bars9148.jpg

Personalized Turrell Bar Necklace

from 48.00
Vertical Namesake Bar Necklace DSC_9301 copy.jpg

Vertical Namesake Bar Necklace

from 31.00
Marama Initial Necklace 794B0830 copy-2.jpg

Marama Initial Necklace

from 36.00
Marama Personalized Necklace 794B0830 copy-2.jpg

Marama Personalized Necklace

from 36.00
Personalized Serra Bar Necklace 140_35 names closeup - 2017_01_19 - Bars GLDN LL9345.jpg

Personalized Serra Bar Necklace

from 48.00
Personalized Basquiat Bar Necklace DSC_9283 c.jpg

Personalized Basquiat Bar Necklace

from 30.00
Valmere Initial Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9367-2.jpg

Valmere Initial Necklace

from 29.00
Monaco Tag Necklace 2018_03_07 0941.jpg

Monaco Tag Necklace

from 32.00
Personalized Small Bar Necklace 2017_10_17 - Kayla Product17563-2.jpg

Personalized Small Bar Necklace

from 36.00
Marama with Multiple Initials 794B2177.jpg

Marama with Multiple Initials

from 32.00
Gift Card GLDN-Gift Card-02.jpg

Gift Card

from 20.00