Kissy Face Friendship Set 794B2304.jpg

Kissy Face Friendship Set

from 29.00
Naomi Hoops 2018_01_22 - 0315.jpg

Naomi Hoops

from 38.00
Marcie Small Oval Ring 2018_05_10 - Oval Rings3945-2.jpg

Marcie Small Oval Ring

from 34.00
Zodiac Constellation Disk Necklace DSC00656-2.jpg

Zodiac Constellation Disk Necklace

from 39.00
Personalized Marseille Pendant Necklace 2018_01_30 - 0418.jpg

Personalized Marseille Pendant Necklace

from 43.00
Rhone Band Stackers 2017_01_17+-+Kayla+Product3225-3.jpg

Rhone Band Stackers

from 37.00
Farrah Hoops 2018_01_22 - 0318.jpg

Farrah Hoops

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Bennett Necklace 794B2413.jpg

Bennett Necklace

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Hannah Necklace 04_05_2018 -1562-2.jpg

Hannah Necklace

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Diana Small Oval Necklaces 2018_05_23 -4215.jpg

Diana Small Oval Necklaces

from 35.00
Mary Tiny Oval Necklaces DSC00783-2.jpg

Mary Tiny Oval Necklaces

from 32.00
Palermo Initial Tags 2018_04_11 - 2400-2.jpg

Palermo Initial Tags

from 37.00
Cindy Hoops 04_05_2018 -2286.jpg

Cindy Hoops

from 33.00
Florence Large Oval Necklaces 2018_05_17 - Nina 0210.jpg

Florence Large Oval Necklaces

from 42.00
Kiki Tiny Oval Ring 2018_05_10 - Oval Rings3710-2.jpg

Kiki Tiny Oval Ring

from 28.00
Vollmond Disk + Halle Necklaces, Set of Two 2017_11_04 -20581.jpg

Vollmond Disk + Halle Necklaces, Set of Two

from 53.00
La Femme Collection: Toujours Pendant Necklace 794B2387.jpg

La Femme Collection: Toujours Pendant Necklace

from 39.00
Sofia Necklace 794B2135.jpg

Sofia Necklace

from 43.00
Aerin Stud Earrings 794B0803 copy-2.jpg

Aerin Stud Earrings

from 34.00
Calli Earrings 2018_01_24 - 0320.jpg

Calli Earrings

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Valmere Initial Necklace 2017_02_19 - Gelb day two9367-2.jpg

Valmere Initial Necklace

from 29.00
Monaco Tag Necklace 2018_03_07 0941.jpg

Monaco Tag Necklace

from 32.00
Halle Necklace 2017_09_22 - Gem Bracelets15729-2.jpg

Halle Necklace

from 26.00
Marama with Multiple Initials 794B2177.jpg

Marama with Multiple Initials

from 32.00