Lunar Phase Necklaces

Lunar Phase Necklaces

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The moon has long been a mysterious phenomenon— ominous at times, a guiding light at others. Each phase has unique meanings and, while the symbolism differs from culture to culture, it is safe to say that we are collectively enchanted by its ever-shifting reflection of light in the darkness. 

New Moon for Fresh Starts and Visions
Waxing Cresent for Luck and Friendship
Full Moon for Healing and Clarity
Waning Crescent for Wisdom, Balance, and Atonement

Each moon pendant is formed and finished by hand in our La Conner, Washington studio making each pendant unique as each new moonrise.


  • Choose from 4 different style moons

  • Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Fill, 14K Rose Gold Fill

  • Moon Pendants are 13-15mm tall

  • Hammered finish

  • Hand-hammered moons are all unique and one of a kind

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