Modern Ceramic Birdhouse

Modern Ceramic Birdhouse


From the maker, RossLab:

I made this modern and simple birdhouse on the potters' wheel, in my home studio in San Jose, California. I used a durable black stoneware for this piece and a glossy cream-white glaze to create a nice contrast with the unglazed bottom.

The birdhouse has a 2" opening for the birds to enter and a hole on top where a 8-inch-long leather cord (20 cm) is secured: you can resize it and tighten it based on the chosen location. I suggest making it shorter, so the house won't swing on a windy day.  The perch below the opening is made of wood that I cut, glued, and sealed with a matte varnish so it will stand up to the seasons.

This little birdhouse will be a delightful modern accent in your garden and a cozy home for your feathered friends.

Although all materials used are intended to stand the weather elements, I recommend to bring the birdhouse indoors during cold winters and check on the leather cord and wooden perch conditions over the years and replace them as needed.

Size: 3.5"x4"

Please note each piece is handmade and differs slightly in design, and glaze from the one pictured.

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