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+ Personalization


Stamped = personalized.

If you see “stamping” or read about things being “hand-stamped” this refers to the process of how we add personalization. We stamp each letter onto your piece, one-by-one, using special metal punches. It’s a pretty awesome, traditional metalsmithing technique. It looks better than engraving - and is just a lot cooler.

  • All hand-stamping is done in our studio by seriously talented, artistic ladies.
  • The resulting piece has an authentic character and a subtle texture from the hand-forged impressions.

We much prefer the look of stamped personalization (with all its little imperfections) because machine engraved pieces have, IMO, a slightly tacky, mass-produced look to them.

Where do I Leave my Personalization Details?

Once item(s) are in your cart, you can leave us a note in the comments box with your details! If applicable, make sure to note if you want ALL CAPS, Title Case, or all lowercase :)

How Do I Buy a Personalized Piece?


  • Find the item you want to personalize
  • Select the options you want from the drop down menus in the listing
  • Add it to your cart.


Once item(s) are in your cart, you can leave us a note in the comments box with your details!

Details to include:

  • What do you want it to say?
  • Do you want ALL CAPS, Title Case or all lowercase?
  • The listing description will note any additional info needed :)

The description / details section of the listing will include more details specific on how to personalize that particular piece, so please have a look :)

If you leave anything out, we'll contact you!

Can I Personalize the Back?

We can personalize the back of your piece, but there are a few things to consider:

  • We can’t ensure that both sides will be totally “perfect” because the hand-stamping process is such that it can leave a slight scuff on the reverse side as we hammer the letters onto the plate.
  • Personalizing on the back is best done in a small, thin font like #3s, #1xs or #6xs if you want to minimize possible scuffs.

HOW TO ORDER Double-Sided Personalization

  • The extra side of personalization will cost $8.
  • To purchase this upgrade, add the following listing to your cart: https://www.etsy.com/listing/168196241
  • Select the option for $8 in the drop down menu and add to cart (along with the piece you want to have personalized).

OPTION 2: If you want a hidden message, or just need more room, a great option is to add a personalized bar tag at the clasp. You can see it in this listing: www.etsy.com/listing/198016115

If you decide you’d like the extra tiny bar tag, just add the add-on listing to your cart along with your piece. And please leave us a message in the “notes to seller” section with what you’d like inscribed on it!

How Many Characters Can I Fit on My Bar?

This really depends on 2 things:

  • the size of the lettering (each font has a fixed size - as shown - we can’t scale it)
  • the size of the bar or disk you’ve chosen.

BARS: In each BAR listing, we’ve tried to include a “Max Character Count” for each letter style available. So have a look at any charts in the other listing images...

There will be a different count based on uppercase letters or lowercase letters, so check for the “UC” and “LC” note.

Symbols are tricky to get a character count on since they’re all different sizes - but visually compare how big they look compared to 1 letter of that font and guess-timate - if there’s a problem, we’ll get in touch and help :)

If what you want won’t fit - you can either choose a smaller font, or a larger bar/disk… or give us a shout and we can help!

DISKS: It’s quite a bit harder to show a formula for what fits on a disk. It's best to just send us a note if you can't tell what will fit from the examples shown and you’re wanting more than a few letters.

Letter Styles / Font Choices?

We have quite a few options for personalization style:

  • Each listing should include one or more charts or labeled examples showing available letter styles - check them out! (Zoom in if needed).
  • Make a note of the style you like best.
  • Often, one of the drop down menus will include a selection for letter style.
  • If not, just leave us a note at checkout with the font you want.
  • If you want yours to look just like one of the images shown - write that in the note at checkout -- we're reading over every order, so just let us know what you're thinking :)


FOR BAR NECKLACES / BRACELETS: Alignment refers to the positioning of the inscription on the bar...

  • “Center” means it’s centered on the Bar
  • “Right” means it’s aligned to the right of the bar from the perspective of looking at the piece (the inscription will be over your heart).
  • Other - if you want some on the left and some on the right, or a different option, just leave us a note.

FOR DISKS: The letter(s) is usually centered on the disk, but there are sometimes other options (not always shown in the listing).

  • “Bottom RIght” - Positioning a smaller letter in the bottom right corner of the disk has a cool looking, minimal vibe which we really like.
  • “Bottom Curve” - we can position the letters along the bottom edge of the disk, so they curve around the outside edge.

“Stamping” vs. “Engraving”

We personalize using the traditional art of metal stamping.

  • All hand-stamping is done in our studio by seriously talented, artistic ladies.
  • The resulting piece has an authentic character and a subtle texture from the hand-forged impressions.

We much prefer the look of stamped personalization (with all its little imperfections) because engraved pieces have, IMO, a slightly tacky, mass-produced look to them.

What if I get my piece and I don't love it?

A lot of places won't accept returns on personalized items...we're different. We don't want you to have anything you're not stoked on. In fact, we offer a happiness guarantee. So let us know right away if it didn't turn out how you'd hoped...we can make things right! We genuinely want you to love your GLDN jewelry.

+ Sizing: Rings

How do I Know my Ring Size?

You really just need to measure. Unfortunately, there's no good cheat on this one. But there are a few ways to do it...

    • They'll have sized metal rings to test out which fits your finger.
    • Most Accurate Method
    • You can get one HERE.
    • Pass it along to friends when done!
    • Quite accurate if you follow the instructions.
    • Download and print our sizing sheet HERE
    • Follow the instructions
    • If you're careful, it should give you a good idea of size.

GREAT TIPS and full info can be found in our blog post on ring sizing: (https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/17/how-to-choose-your-perfect-ring-size)

What if the ring is a gift?

Tough one. You're going to need to sneaky-measure one of their rings if you can - PRINT THIS out and follow the instructions.

If you can't sneaky-measure, order a size 7 - it's the best bet to fit at least one of their fingers! If they're really petite or have tiny hands, order a 6.

+ Sizing: Bracelets

How do I know my Bracelet Length?

You measure your wrist:)

But seriously. Measuring will get you a custom fit you know will work. And it's easy to do! Here are the steps...

1st: Take a string (ribbon, thread, piece of spaghetti...) and wrap it around your wrist at the tightness you'd like your bracelet. measure your wrist

2nd: Lay the string on a ruler to find the length you should order. measure your wrist

3rd: Celebrate

Alternatively, you can wrap the string on your wrist so it's snug, but not tight. Then add 1/4" to the length for a fitted bracelet, and 1/2" for a bit looser fit.

How do I Choose a Bracelet Length if it's a Gift?

If you can't measure, bracelets can be tricky to fit. Here's our best approximation for wrist sizing based on build...

bracelet sizing

You might also want to check out the next section on Bracelet Extenders...

Bracelet Extenders

If you need a little more wiggle room, you might want to consider adding a 1/2" extender chain to your bracelet. It will give a little more flexibility to fitting chain bracelets.

The reason we don't automatically add the extender chain is because the piece is more streamlined without it. Also, some people don't like extra chain dangling (see image below).

bracelet extender

If you're cool with the possibility of a little dangle - leave us a message when you check out to add a 1/2" extender to the piece.

+ Sizing: Necklaces

What Necklace Length should I get?

Best way to know = measure!

It's tricky to use photos of lengths on different necks as a gauge for what you should buy - neck size impacts the final looking length. So your best bet is to use a string to "similuate" the length you want.

Go for it!...

1st: Using something flexible (even your iphone charging cord will work!) wrap it around your neck and mark the point where you'd like the necklace to hang. necklace length help

2nd: Lay the "string" on a ruler to find the length you should order necklace length help

3rd: Get pumped. The necklace of your dreams is coming soon.

It's a Gift - what Necklace Length do I get?

If you can't measure, you can check out the lengths shown on the models in our example photos...then make sure to adjust for neck size!

For example, most of the time the models shown have a small neck, so if you're ordering the piece for someone with a larger neck, you'll need to add extra length to have the necklace hang at a similar looking spot.

Alternatively, if you're ordering for someone who's very petite, you might want to order a slightly shorter length to get the same look as shown on the model.

Also, this might help give you an idea of lengths on different size frames...

necklace length chart

+ Orders

How Long Does it Take to Ship?

We make your piece especially for you, to order. So the turnaround varies based on our order volume at the time. For the most current estimates of production time, check out the policies section in our etsy store.

PLEASE NOTE: Personalized orders sometimes get held up if we don’t have all the info we need. If you make sure you leave complete personalization details in the notes when you checkout, it will help avoid delays :)

What’s Your Return Policy?

We accept returns on any items we sell - even personalized pieces. We're here to make you jewelry you love.

If you're not happy with your purchase, contact us: layeredandlong@gldn.com. Either we'll make it right or refund you. We ask that you please send returns back within 30 days of delivery. At this time, we don't cover the cost of return shipping.

Can I exchange something?

Yes, for sure! Contact us and we’ll hook you up: layeredandlong@gldn.com.

+ Gifts

Will There Be a Receipt in the Package?

The receipt is only emailed to the purchaser, we don’t include receipts in any of our packages.

Can you include a personal gift note?

Yes, definitely! Just let us know what to say and we’ll hand write it onto a little card for you that will be inside the jewelry box. The card is pretty small though, so no gushing love poems!

Do You Offer Gift Wrapping?

Sorry, we don’t have gift wrap... but our standard packaging is pretty dang cute on its own ;)

How do I know what Size/Length if Gifting?

Check out one of the sizing sections above and you'll find charts and some helpful tips for how to estimate the best size to gift.

+ Quality

What Does "Gold Fill" Mean?

For a really good answer, check out our blog post ;) https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/2/what-is-14k-gold-fill-vs-gold-plated

“Gold Fill” or “Gold Filled” is a strange industry term because it doesn’t actually mean “filled with gold”. Don’t ask us, we didn’t name it - we think it’s weird too.

It’s actually multiple layers of solid 14k gold pressure bonded with extreme heat over a core of high quality jeweler’s brass. It results in a durable, high quality, real gold product.

For the record, if we were in charge of naming, we’d have probably gone with “gold armored” or “supa thick” or something much cooler.

Is it Good Quality?

Gold Fill is absolutely your best option after solid gold for quality and durability.

  • It will not flake off and should not turn your skin green.
  • It offers a great option for people with sensitive skin.
  • We only use the BEST USA MADE gold fill components and stand behind our product’s quality.
  • Gold Fill Jewelry can stay beautiful for a very, very long time, especially with the right care.

If you want more info, we wrote this helpful post: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/2/what-is-14k-gold-fill-vs-gold-plated

Gold Fill vs. Gold Plated

  • Gold Fill offers better durability and is more expensive than standard gold plating.
  • Gold Fill can have over 100 times more gold than plated jewelry.
  • The Gold Fill process is strictly regulated with standards that must be met, whereas with plated jewelry, you can’t know how thick the plating layer is or what quality level you’re getting.

We did a whole post on this topic...for more deets: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/6/gold-filled-vs-gold-plated-jewelry

Gold Fill - Will it Tarnish?

Quick answer: theoretically, it shouldn’t.

Thorough answer: there are things to be wary of...so we spent a lot of time researching and testing to be able to answer this in the best no bs way - check out our post: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/6/the-honest-411-on-14k-gold-fill-jewelry-quality-care

Sterling Silver - Will it Tarnish?

We only sell pieces with high quality USA and Italian made Sterling Silver. Yet, no matter the quality, Sterling Silver can tarnish - it’s just a natural chemical reaction that happens between the air and the metal.

But the good news is that it’s solid sterling silver, so it’s easy to un-tarnish it! You just need to give it a rub with a polishing cloth, or use Wright’s Silver Cream. The link to the post below covers easy care tips :)

Please note that Sterling Silver will tarnish more readily during summer months when there’s more humidity, or if you leave it sitting out for long periods of time.

We summarized everything you need to know about Sterling Silver jewlery here: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/6/sterling-silver-jewelry-top-5-things-you-should-know

What Materials Do You Use?

100% of our chains, claps, wire, disks, bars and findings are highest quality USA or Italian made 14k Gold Fill, Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Fill from carefully selected suppliers.

We occasionally have pendants or other decorative elements within a piece that are plated. Either gold/silver/rose gold plating over jeweler's brass, or gold/rose gold plating over solid sterling silver.

We list all materials used for a particular item in that item’s listing description. So please have a look there if you’d like to find out about the material used in that particular piece.

Is There Any Nickel?

There is NO NICKEL in any of our jewelry. We are committed to selling quality products and are mindful of our materials and their sources.

Will the Jewelry Turn my Skin Green / Black?

A really smart guy from Yates Jewelers answered this question better than we could (thanks, dude!): http://www.yatesjewelers.com/why-does-my-gold-ring-turn-my-finger-black.html

Long story short, even solid gold can leave skin green or black under the right conditions. What you need to know is that we guarantee our pieces are top quality - we want to make you awesome things. Our jewelry is unlikely to cause any discoloration.

+ Caring for Your Jewelry

General Care

With normal wear, you get natural body oils on your jewelry. It’s best to clean these off to reduce the chance of chemicals of any sort sitting on the surface of the jewelry. Even just rinsing your piece in luke-warm water, then drying it with a soft cloth will work wonders for keeping your jewelry beautiful longer!

Give your pieces a good (long) life:

  • After each wear, gently remove makeup and oils from your skin by wiping with a soft cloth, like a flannel or lens cloth.

  • If you find you’ve perspired a lot that day, it’s especially important to make sure you clean off your jewelry.

  • Try to put your jewelry on LAST, so you don’t accidentally spray it with hairspray or perfume.

  • Be especially wary of sunscreen! It’s terrible to get on your pieces.

  • Try not leave your jewelry sitting around dirty - if you’re not going to wear it for a while, make sure it’s clean :)

  • For best protection, store well-cleaned jewelry in something air tight.

  • Taking your jewelry off to sleep will do a great deal to help it last longer.

  • Give it a really good clean after every dozen or so wears by soaking it in a bowl of warm water and mild soap like Joy or Dawn, then rubbing with a cotton rag or soft-bristled brush.

14k Gold Filled Jewelry Care

It’s all summed up in this sweet blog post: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/6/the-honest-411-on-14k-gold-fill-jewelry-quality-care

You should definitely take a look! It’s laid out much better than we could do here :)

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

For the best info, check out our blog post: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/6/sterling-silver-jewelry-top-5-things-you-should-know

It’s a good one.

When / How do I Clean My Jewelry?

Our pieces can be easily cleaned by soaking it in a bowl of warm water and mild soap like Joy or Dawn, then rubbing with a cotton rag or soft-bristled brush.

A few things to be careful with:

  • Gemstones - vary widely in best practices for cleaning/care - contact us.
  • Opal & Turquoise should NOT be submerged
  • Plated pieces can be soaked, but don’t use rags or brushes. Rub gently with your fingers only.

STERLING SILVER: Can be cleaned further if needed: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/3/6/sterling-silver-jewelry-top-5-things-you-should-know

Can my Jewelry Get Wet?

Yes, if we’re talking clean, fresh water, your pieces can get wet*. Water won’t cause tarnish and none of the metals we use rust. But you need to make sure your pieces are well-dried after getting wet.

What you DO need to watch out for are things like harsh soaps or chemicals that might be in the water (like pools, etc).

WHAT CAN’T GET WET: Opals and Turquoise should not* be submerged in water.

Can I Wear My Jewelry in the Shower?

It depends on the piece and if you use gentle soaps & product. It’s safer to just say no, but a lot of us here shower with our pieces because we find it actually helps keep them clean...however:

  • your soap and shampoo need to be gentle
  • you need to make sure your pieces are rinsed thoroughly
  • if you put lotions on after your shower, you really should take your pieces off for that and put them back on once the lotion is dry.

WHAT CAN’T GET WET Opals and Turquoise should not go in the shower - they must stay dry.

How do I Untangle My Chain?

If you end up with a tangle, the first thing is…don't ever pull! It will just create (or tighten) a knot.

  • Start by JIGGLING it gently to see if you can loosen the tangle.
  • Find some pins (or something really pointy) and tweezers.
  • The key is to just grab one chain within the knot and jiggle it to see if any parts open up...then pop something pointy into the hole that appeared and jiggle more from there.
  • (Side note: yes, we need to make a YouTube video on this).
  • You should be able to loosen up the tangled spot this way and slowly work it open

If you just can’t untangled it, send it over to us and we’ll get it for you. We’re always up for conquering a good tangle.

STORAGE TIP: To avoid tangling, keep the clasp closed while storing. It makes all the difference. For real. Also, a smaller storage bag helps, so the piece doesn’t move around as much :) But really, the clasps!

How do I Store My Jewelry?

It’s very important to store your jewelry well to ensure it’s kept away from things in the environment that can cause tarnish.

  • It’s best to store it in an air-tight container or ziplock bag.
  • The less humidity the better.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You need to make sure your jewelry is cleaned well and dry before you store it.

Also, make sure clasps are closed when storing - is makes all the difference to preventing tangling!

What Do I Need to AVOID With My Jewelry?

Bleach, Hot Tubs, Pools, Perfume, Cosmetics, Lotions. Basically, you should take care to not let chemicals sit on the surface of your jewelry. The harsher the chemicals, the harder they’ll be on your pieces. The longer they’re on the surface, the greater the chance of causing tarnish.

Best practices:

  • Take pieces off when at the beach, gardening, cleaning the house or sweating.
  • Clean your pieces after each wear.
  • Take jewelry off to sleep.

+ Other

Do you wholesale?

Sorry, we don’t offer wholesale. Our favorite part of doing what we do is connecting with our customers - so we only sell directly :)

What’s the difference between GLDN and Layered + Long?

So glad you asked! You should see this: https://www.gldn.com/blog/2017/6/23/gldn-building-a-brand

I Can't Get My Bracelet On by Myself!

We’ve been dying to share this awesome hack! All you need is a paper clip and your life will be changed for ever. Check this out…

  1. Find a paper clip and pull it open.
  2. Hold one end in the palm of your hand and on the other end of the paper clip, put the loop end of your bracelet.
  3. It will hold your bracelet in place so you can wrap it around and use your other hand to clasp it shut.
  4. Show somebody your new party trick.

bracelet hack

How did we get so awesome?

That's top secret. But thanks! We think you're awesome too :).