TOP 15 Personalized Gift Ideas for Mom

mother's day jewelry gifts

Inspired by mothers and their awesomeness, we've come up with some special jewelry to gift this Mother's Day...  

If you're like me, your mom deserves the most spoiling out of everyone in your life. I feel pretty lucky to have a mom that put up with so much and somehow still loves me like crazy. And even though I know gifts can't begin to repay all she's done, it sure is fun to spoil her as much as I can!   

Handmade, meaningful jewelry is a sure way to make anyone feel extra special.  So, to treat your mom this Mother’s Day, have a look at the thoughtful necklaces, bracelets and rings below, all of which are ready for you to personalize just for her!


Mother Daughter  Necklaces  (set of 3 shown here).

Mother Daughter Necklaces (set of 3 shown here).



Mother-Daughter Necklaces 

Let’s be honest, moms are extra stoked for gifts that include some sort of mother-daughter-type bonding.  Luckily for you, this scenario also has you ending up with a sweet necklace for yourself!  Whether there are 2, 3, 4 or more ladies you’d like sharing pieces of the circle, we’ve got you covered.  Send us a message if you need a circle that’s divided into 5 or 6 pieces to share, and we can custom make one for you.

Customization Options:

  • HOW MANY TO SHARE?  Do you need a set of 2, 3, 4 or…? to share with your special ladies?
  • LENGTHS: If you’d like different necklace lengths, we can make them up to suit each of you—just leave a note at checkout with your details.

Personalized  RHONE  Ring

Personalized RHONE Ring



Personalized Band Ring

Rings can be a little tricky to gift because of sizing, but it’s worth the extra effort if you can track down Mom’s ring size.  She’ll enjoy being able to see the special, meaningful piece you personalized for her every time she looks at her hands—which is kinda nice to think about :)  We also have a post for ring sizing HERE that might be helpful.


  • PERSONALIZATION: What would you like stamped on the ring?
    • We have teeny UPPERCASE letters (no numbers or lowercase) and a tiny heart, center dot and + sign.

Set of 2 Layering Necklaces  with Perfect Bar Necklace and Medium Hammered Disk.

Set of 2 Layering Necklaces with Perfect Bar Necklace and Medium Hammered Disk.



Bar & Disk Necklace (Set of 2)

Two of our most popular pieces, made up at lengths that will layer nicely together.  Both of these pieces can be personalized (or left blank, of course).  The Perfect Bar Necklace would be great with the kids’ initials or other special inscription.  The Hammered Medium Disk is usually left blank (so it doesn’t get too busy), or it can be personalized with a heart, or perhaps the initial of the family’s last name. Shop this set!


  • FONT: If you decide to personalize the bar necklace, what letter style do you want?
    • The listing has a chart with the font options
  • DISK: If you’d like a letter or symbol on the disk, just leave a note when you check out.
    • Also, if you'd rather a smooth disk instead of the hammered texture, just leave us a note when you check out.

Small Disk Necklace  with Initials

Small Disk Necklace with Initials



Initial Disk Necklace

You can't go wrong with a classic staple like our 9mm Small Disk Necklaces.  These top sellers are easy to wear, perfect for gifting and will never go out of style.  To shop quick and easy, go HERE.  If you'd like more options, SHOP HERE.

Customization Options:

  • NUMBER OF SMALL TAGS: How many disks do you want to hang on the necklace?  
  • FONT: What style do you want the initials to be?
    • We already chose the most popular style for you in the "Shop Quick" option.



Ultra Dainty Initial Disk Necklace

If your mom likes things subtle, go with our Tiny 6mm Disk Necklace.  These mini tags are ridiculously cute.  And if there are lots of kids (or grandkids) to fit on one necklace, the tiny disks are great.  SHOP HERE (in our Etsy store).


  • NUMBER OF TINY TAGS: How many disks do you want to hang on the necklace?
    • 1 to 5 are available in the drop-down
    • If you need more than 5 disks, use our "add-on tag" listing
  • FONT: What style do you want the initials to be?
    • Check out the letter style chart in the listing for options
    • Most popular for Tiny Disks: font #1s or 3s



Personalized Wrap Ring

One of our top-selling pieces that can be meaningfully personalized for moms with initials, names and other short inscriptions.  Bonus: the wrap design allows for about half a size of adjustment, so it's a little easier to get the size right for gifting.  You should still check out our ring sizing guide, though!  


  • FONT: What style of lettering would you like?
    • When you check out the listing, you'll see an image with style options
    • We recommend ALL CAPS because they line up nice and straight in tiny spaces like this, but lowercase is also available.

Unity Link Necklace

Unity Link Necklace



Family Necklace

The Unity Link Necklace allows you to come up with your own combination of rings, which is quite fun!  It makes a great "mom necklace," representing each family member with different size circles.  We make each one to order with your special combination of interlinking circles.  SHOP HERE.

Customization Options:

  • NUMBER OF LINKS: How many circles do you want in the necklace?
  • CIRCLE SIZE: What size would you like each to be?
  • LAYOUT: If they're different sizes, do you want them arranged in a particular order?  Otherwise, we can order them how we think will look best :)

Stick Family Necklaces:  Original Bar Necklace ,  Medium Disk Necklace


Custom Stick Family Necklaces

If your mom’s into cuteness, this one is for her.  Gift her a necklace personalized with tiny representations of her family members.  Choose a disk or a bar necklace to fill with those she loves!  Disk Family Necklaces are HERE.  Bar Family Necklaces are HERE.


  • FAMILY MEMBERS: One of the listing images will show the various characters you can choose from, including people and pets

Dainty Bracelets:  GEMSTONE LINK Bracelet  with the  SMALL HEART Bracelet .

Dainty Bracelets: GEMSTONE LINK Bracelet with the SMALL HEART Bracelet.



Dainty Bracelets

Each of the bracelets above can be customized for your mom, and they look especially sweet when layered together as a set.  Shopping links: GEMSTONE LINKS, HEART BRACELET


  • GEMSTONE LINK: Which stone would you like?
    • The listing images will show the variety of natural gemstone options for this bracelet
    • The heart bracelet is lovely with a hand-stamped letter on it



Favorite Layering Necklaces

Does your mom like versatility and options?  These three necklaces are fantastic to wear layered as a set of 2 or 3.  They’re also equally great worn one at a time as simple, everyday pieces.  You can make the set personal for your mother by choosing a gemstone she’ll love and adding an initial to the disk.


  • GEMSTONE: What gemstone would you like for the bead bar?
    • There are many gorgeous natural stones to choose from—you'll find a chart of options in the listing photos
  • OPTIONAL INITIAL ON DISK:  Would you like the Small Hammered Disk Necklace to be personalized with an initial?
    • One of the images in the listing will show the available letter styles to choose from
    • You can leave us a note at checkout if you’d prefer a smooth disk instead of the hammered texture

Add-on Personalized Tiny Bar Tags  for Necklaces and Bracelets.

Add-on Personalized Tiny Bar Tags for Necklaces and Bracelets.



Make Any Piece Personal

Add-On Bar Tags are one of the best ways to give jewelry a meaningful, personal touch.  You can add one or two tiny bars to most of our necklaces and bracelets at the clasp, and they can be personalized with little inscriptions like initials, dates, names or symbols.


  • HOW MANY TAGS?  Do you want one or two bar tags added to your piece?

  • FONT: There are different letter styles to choose from (shown in the chart in the listing), but remember, these bars are very small, so take note of the maximum characters that fit in the different fonts

Personalized  Bangle  Bracelet

Personalized Bangle Bracelet



Ridiculously Personal Bracelet

This bangle is the ultimate in customizable, personalized jewelry.  For real.  If you want to give your mom something extra sweet and thoughtful, this is your piece.  

There are a variety of personalization options that can be added—from gemstone drops to disks with initials or symbols to charms—so you can build Mom something amazing.  The bangle can be opened and closed, making for a better fit than traditional bangles that slide over your hand, so she’ll be even happier wearing it all day, every day.

And the best part: Mom can continue to add special gemstones, charms and disks to it long after Mother’s Day.


  • CHARMS: What do you want to hang from the bangle?
    • The possibilities are truly endless, so we’ve made it easier by giving you a few starter options, which you’ll find in the listing
    • If you need to add more disks, gemstones, etc., you can add them separately via the links provided in the listing




Tiny Bar Tags Necklace

One of our favorite personalized necklaces for any occasion, this piece is particularly awesome as a mother’s necklace.  The tiny vertical bar tags are stunning with kids’ names or initials and make a perfect gift for the cool mom who likes things simple but stylish.  


  • NUMBER OF TAGS: How many tiny bars do you want to hang on the necklace?

  • FONT: Which letter style would you like?
    • There is a chart in the listing images with font options

Personalized Mother Necklace: The  ORIGINAL BAR NECKLACE .

Personalized Mother Necklace: The ORIGINAL BAR NECKLACE.



The Original Bar Necklace

The classic-size bar necklace is a modern staple piece, perfect to personalize with something special for Mom.


  • FONT: Which letter style would you like?
    • You can find a photo displaying examples of the various font options in the listing images



Personalized Bar Bracelet

Add a special inscription to this beautiful everyday bracelet for Mom to enjoy.  The bar is the perfect size to fit kids' names, roman numeral dates or coordinates! Find this bracelet here


  • FONT: Which letter style would you like?
    • There is an image in the listing that shows options for fonts


Posted by: Chrissy Lavdovsky