We believe GLDN should do more than just make jewelry. We want to create a sustainable business that makes a positive impact on our customers, our community and the environment. One way we can reduce our carbon footprint is by reusing our materials and encouraging our customers to do the same. 


When we redesigned our packaging last summer, we were crazy about the results. We carefully considered every aspect, from the look, color and feel of the boxes, to the trifold care instructions, and the letterpress labels made by Chrissy’s dad. Not only were we thrilled with the results, but the response from you guys has been glowingly positive. We get giddy everytime we watch a customer's Instagram story raving about the details of their GLDN packaging. 

For Earth Month, we launched a contest asking all of you to show us the creative ways you reuse GLDN packaging. We were blown away by your submissions. Our favorite was a tiny, fully functional foosball table! We hope these ideas inspire you to stay green and reuse your GLDN boxes. 


GLDNGREENArtboard 1 copy.png

From Tabletop Organizers...

Left: @ohhhsopeachy described submission as a "holder for my favorite lipstick and some flowers too." 

Right: Chrissy, GLDN Founder + Jewelry Designer uses our boxes to organize tools complimentary to her stationary obsession (top). Chrissy also keeps sewing implements handy in our boxes, using a bellyband from the internal packaging to hold needles (bottom).


GLDNGREENArtboard 1 copy 2.png

To Storage for Your Bits and Bobs...

Left Column: @potter_and_prongs (top) uses her box to keep track of her mini clothes pins for her polaroid display— making it easy to add to it as she continues to make more memories. Our customer, @almightyeunbi (middle) writes: "I always make an effort to recycle and reuse-especially when I travel! Your boxes are the perfect size to keep earrings and rings that I'll be wearing during any trips." @brookebakker (bottom) made this adorable magnetic chalk holder for her chalkboard fridge (+10 points for the sweet illustration)!

Right Column: "Calligraphy is a hobby of mine, and I'm always looking for places to put my spare pen nibs. The GLDN box is perfect for storage and great repurposing!" says @maddyclmnts (top). And of course, who could say no to that face?? @acjarrett (bottom) never has to since she has found that her GLDN box makes perfect on the go storage for puppy treats. 


Left: Mo, who is in charge of all Purchasing at GLDN, uses boxes to store headphones and cords in her desk without getting them tangled!

Right: "I'm a high school student and I love taking notes, especially with nice pens, sticky notes, etc. I often find myself with little stacks of small sticky notes, and your jewelry box is actually the perfect size to store them!" — @annaa.cho



They Make a Great Base for Crafty Gifts

We totally swooned over this sweet submission and the backstory from @kenzie.vanda: "My boyfriend, Jason is in the U.S. Navy and because of his work schedule and my college schedule, the time we get to see each other is limited to only a couple a weeks a year. He recently just purchased a necklace from you guys (pictures below) that I wear every day to keep him near to my heart, no matter how far apart we are. I just found out today that I will be able to fly to Virginia sometime this summer to see him. I used the box I received the necklace in to tell him the surprise."






Or Try One of These More Wild Ideas

Left: @brittanyjoip, customer after our own hearts, uses her GLDN boxes to hold and keep her gaming cartridges organized 

Top Right: Our photographer Colin's tongue-in-cheek submission of using a box as a doorstop turned out to be straightforward and practical– we still use this in the studio most nice days  ; )

Bottom Right: Our Instagram contest winner snagged the prize with her very creative (and functional!) miniature foosball table!



Feeling inspired? How are you reusing your GLDN boxes? We'd love to see! Send us DM or tag us on Instagram (@itsgldn) and use #gldngreen.