5 Delicate Pieces Perfect for your Bridesmaids

Wedding planning can be exhausting. Without help, it would be impossible to step back and enjoy the process of solidifying your love in front of all of the people you and your partner hold dear. Luckily you’ve assembled a team of the very best women in your life to assist you. Their contributions to your special day are immeasurable, and you want to go out of your way to show them you value the time and work they’ve put in.

A small gift is a perfect gesture to show your besties how much you appreciate them. They’ve been by your side through thick and thin. You’ve shared your favorite memories together and you feel so proud to have them standing next to you on your big day.

We’ve put together a perfect list to make this important part of wedding planning a little less stressful.

5 Delicate Pieces Perfect for your Bridesmaids | GLDN

Wrap Ring

Let’s talk about Rachel. She’s the sweet one. She cares about every creature on earth - including that tiny spider in your studio apartment she wouldn’t let you kill. She never forgets your birthday and she was the first person you called after he popped the question. Although she continually goes out of her way for you, she isn't expecting anything in return. Rachel’s nurturing spirit calls for jewelry that is both delicate and practical. These rings can be worn as midi or on its own. She’ll love any gift that you give her, but the Personalized Wrap Ring perfectly compliments all of the of the features that made her your best friend.

details + specs:

  • 1.8mm band
  • Beautiful hand-stamped personalization
  • Available in sterling silver, 14k gold fill and 14K rose gold.

Dainty Initial Bracelet

You are so excited to gain another sister, and Hannah is too. Sometimes you can’t remember if she’s your friend or your fiancé’s sister. Never lacking confidence, she is the #1 karaoke singer in your city. Her chocolate mousse cake is to-die-for and she always leaves the last slice for you, and not just because you are engaged to her brother. She loves to rock bold colors and can totally pull it off with her stunning olive skin tone. You want your gift to contain a bit of her eccentric color choices while still allowing her to express her personality. The Dainty Initial Bracelet gives her an opportunity to stand out while still adhering to the design theme you so carefully put together.

details + specs:

  •  6mm Tiny Disc
  • Beautiful hand-stamped personalization
  • Available in sterling silver, 14k gold fill and 14K rose gold.

Vollmond Initial Necklace

 You’ve known Ellie since middle school. Together you share an appreciation for old-timey music, antique shopping and bringing back trends. You both enjoy flipping through old yearbooks and laughing at the poor style choices you’ve both grown out of. For her gift, you want to pick a piece that showcases her classic style while giving her a staple that will stand the test of time. This delicate, gold piece is as timeless as the thrift-store denim and classic vinyl the two of you especially appreciate. This delicate necklace can be customized and the hand-hammered finish makes it a unique piece for any occasion.

details + specs:

  • the disk is 13mm in diameter
  • smooth satin-gloss or hand-hammered finish
  • currently available in 14k Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, or 14K Solid Gold

Hala Choker

When you’re in need of some brutal honestly, you call Emily. She’s edgy, bold and never afraid to speak her mind. Last time you checked her hair was a sunburst gradient of oranges and reds, but it’s likely changed since then. At your wedding you want her to feel totally herself. Her quirkiness is what you love about her. She will love the look of this minimal, gold choker. It is unique, modern, and a little out-of-the-box, just like her. The subtle choker is slight and can be customized to her liking.

details + specs: 

  • the HALA is our medium weight choker at 1.3mm thick
  • smooth or hand-hammered finish
  • currently available in 14k Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill, and Sterling Silver

Serra Necklace

Claire is your best girlfriend from work. Although you both met later in life, you’ve had plenty of time to catch up over your daily lunch breaks at your favorite Thai restaurant. You wonder how she’s able to work at her desk when it is flooded with keepsakes from her adorable children and loving husband. She loves reliving memories by looking through her meticulously organized folders of old plane tickets and holiday cards. Whatever piece you get her, she’s going to hold on to it forever. This personalized piece will be a thoughtful way to show her how much she means to.

details + specs:

  • the bar is 4mm x 35mm
  • comes with a smooth, satin-gloss finish
  • personalized by hand in a traditional method using metal punches
  • currently available in 14k Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, or 14K Solid Gold

Bonus: Personalized Calligraphy

If you're looking for an extra special bar necklace, you might want to check out these lovelies!  We’ve teamed up with calligraphy artist, Peggy Dean from The Pigeon Letters, to create a one-of-a-kind Bar Necklace for your girls. Check out the listing over at our sister shop on Etsy, Layered + Long. 



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