It's simple, really.

In the words of Henry Longfellow, " In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity." 

Here at GLDN, we find simplicity at its finest in the art of our design and practice. We aim to mirror the things in life that seem to mean the most; a true love, the sun on your face, a meal with family. It is in these everyday miracles that we source the most inspiration, and it becomes simple, really. In this happiness that surrounds us, we grow. 

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Jewelry Featured:

Image I - Loma Earrings

Image II - Mary Tiny Oval Necklaces

Image III - Mary Tiny Oval Necklaces 

Image IIIV - Florence Hammered Necklace- Waitlist

Image V - Marama Disk with Personalized Edge 

Image V-VIII - Florence Personalized Necklace- Waitlist

                      - Tina Hoops 

Image IX - Asymmetrical Heart- Coming Soon!