Making of La Femme


Peek behind the scenes of the GLDN studio as Chrissy, Founder + Jewelry Designer, shares her inspirations for our La Femme Collection - female empowerment and giving back.


Find your talisman of female power


Whether you’re wearing the hat of straight A-minus student, take-no-shit bar manager, PTA mom, hardened athlete, or brunchy babe— the qualities that make up your unique femme identity are worth celebrating every day. Wear with pride


Fact: you are authentic, perfectly imperfect, and powerful. Be good to yourself, you deserve it.
“I will remind you of this every day, you freaking glorious ray of spirit and light!” – The Poise Necklace


Formula for a genuine badass:
1) Never try to fit any mold but your own.
2) Love Fiercely, and
3) Stand up for yourself and others.
Because the world needs more people to challenge the status quo.


This is not a booby trap: your breasts are perfect because they belong to you. Respect them. Love them. Own them exactly as they are in Au Naturel!


Embrace and celebrate the differences. Live the life you choose. Believe in your power as a human.


From the goddess of love to the goddess of creation, these charged archetypes of feminine power have endured throughout the ages. In whatever form your own goddess resides, own it - you're the queen of your own heart.


Wear Embrace in appreciation of the fact that you are emotional and sensitive. It’s good to be a feeler. When you put this piece on, remember - always trust your gut, hug others as you would have them hug you...and drink plenty of water.


Wear this fearless, leaping lady and never look back—you were born to fly. Warning: necklaces prepared with this design may contain joy, spontaneity, and frequent, impromptu adventuring.


It's time we to got it together, ladies and move beyond the patriarchy. Let's advocate for each other and the future will be bright.