Meet Your Makers, pt. 1


One of the things we're most proud of is our amazing team of makers. They're the talent behind every order you place - the ones who make the magic happen.  

GLDN's thoughtful, handcrafted pieces just wouldn't be possible without these wonderful folks in the studio each day making your pieces to order. We feel lucky to be surrounded by such awesome people and are excited to introduce you to a few of them today. This is the first part of a series of posts featuring the lovely individuals behind the scenes here at GLDN. Get ready to meet your makers!



Meet Catherine


What do you do for GLDN?

I do a bunch of different things, but mainly I finish rings. Once a piece has been soldered, it comes to me and I use sanding tools to carefully remove any extra solder and smooth edges. Then, I form it to the correct size.


What's your favorite part of the job?

Some rings are harder to make than others, so I love it when I finish a tricky ring and it looks great!  I feel proud of it and am excited for the customer to get it.


Favorite piece to make?

At the moment my favorite piece to make is the Bruges Ring, because it's a trickier design and I feel I've been nailing it every time! 


Favorite plant in the office?

We just got a tiny spider plant in my workspace, and we named him Peter Parker after Spiderman, haha!


Favorite food?

Anything Italian... also chocolate. :)


Dream Vacay?

I have family in England and Scotland, and I've always wanted to go tour around England, Scotland and Ireland. I would drink beer, eat pastries and visit castles. Doesn't that sound great? 


When you're not at work what are you up to? 

I love getting outside and going on hikes! I also hang out with friends at craft breweries, there are so many good ones where I live. 


Favorite piece of clothing?

I'm excited for summer because I love dresses! Comfy, flowy dresses... I'm not sure I could pick just one, haha! :)




Say Hey to Jasmine!


What does a normal day look like for you in the GLDN studio?

Some days I assemble jewelry and others I stamp away, personalizing orders! I am also a professional snack feeder to the shop dogs and cat.


What's your favorite part of the job?

I loooooove the shop pets! I also just love being able to switch back and forth between various jobs and projects, and the fact I get to work with my hands!


If you had to pick a favorite piece to make, what would it be?

My favorite things to stamp are the Wrap Rings! I also really like to make Ultra-Minimal Y-necklaces! Both things prove to be a little bit of a challenge and take some time, but I like that!


Soooo let's get to the really good stuff :) What's your favorite food?

Any of the Filipino food my mom makes :P She makes the BEST Kare-kare which is a beef based stew with peanut sauce and bok-choy. Other than that I always make it a point to eat sushi as much as possible.


Do you have a favorite color?

I really love olive green and how it looks on me. Pink will always be my #1 though!


Do you have a favorite band or musician?

Both of the Knowles sisters, duh!!!!! 


Dream vacay?

My dream vacation at the moment would be to travel around Europe and hit up the Venice Biennale and go to Euro-Disney! Also just seeing all of the amazing museums!!


When you're not at work what are you up to?

Taking long naps! Ha-ha. I do some drawing and painting in a shared studio space! But also petting cats and taking naps and annoying my boyfriend by singing show tunes!! I also love to obsess over tattoos on Instagram and plan out what to get next.



Last but not least... Meet April!


What does a normal day look like for you in the GLDN studio?

For the most part, I assemble pieces that have been ordered. After the order has been looked over and components laid out, I put it all together and bam it ends up being a necklace or a bracelet. I have also dabbled in helping in other areas, such as customer service, but I have been beading and putting together jewelry since high school, so it's pretty natural for me to be making with my hands.


What's your favorite part of the job?

This is a great place to work. Everyone who works here is super creative and I love being able to hear all about the creative endeavors they're working on outside of work. Seeing all the ways people bring their own personalities and talents to what we do here makes working here unique.  It's a great place to be. It's pretty inspiring. 


Favorite piece to make?

I love anything that has wire wrapping. So our bead bars, Y-necklaces, and rosary chain. Although these piece can take more time, they're more of a challenge and I like that.


Favorite plant in the office?

Well there are millions of cactuses here, but there's one that sits outside the door and I for some reason feel a connection to it and I say hi to it every morning.


Most used emoji?

I identify most with the emoji that has glasses on and a buck tooth smile, and I often accompany it with the upside down smiley emoji... together they complete my personality.


Favorite food?

I would have to say yams… I eat them so much they literally have given the bottoms of my feet an orangey tint... but what can ya do? I yam what I yam.


Favorite color?

My favorite color is orange... this has nothing to do with my favorite food…


When you're not at work what are you up to?

I am usually running, crafting, or playing with my dog. I try to run everyday and although I am not very fast I still love doing it! I’m working on getting ready for my third half-marathon and then I might even try doing a full-marathon! But we will see what actually happens... My dog is a great motivator to get me moving. His name is Pasta and he is a mini Australian Shepard so he has a lot of energy. I love animals and my goal is to eventually have property so I can have a tiny farm. My first purchase will definitely be pygmy goats!


Favorite piece of clothing?

I don’t have a particular favorite piece of clothing, but my favorite type of clothing to buy are cardigan sweaters! I always go to buy new pants or shirts and I end up with like 7 sweaters. They are so cozy and so easy to find ones that are cute and fit right!