Welcome, Sun


Here in the Pacific Northwest, winter is the season of gray.  Thankfully, spring is upon us, and the sun is starting to find its way through the mire of clouds and rain, treating us to occasional grand bursts of luminous warmth.  I marvel at the light falling on the trees and mountains, inspired by the sun’s bright rays interspersed with streaks of shadow.  I sit patiently by my window for the light to finally burst through, waiting to capture that magical moment.

LEFT:  Lieve Ring , RIGHT:  Bruges Ring

LEFT: Lieve Ring, RIGHT: Bruges Ring

LEFT:  Soleil Ring , RIGHT BACK:  Arquette Ring , RIGHT FRONT:  Ciel Ring

LEFT: Soleil Ring, RIGHT BACK: Arquette Ring, RIGHT FRONT: Ciel Ring

LEFT:  Axis Ring , RIGHT:  Linear Ring

LEFT: Axis Ring, RIGHT: Linear Ring

LEFT:  Tikal Ring , LEFT CENTER:  Picchu Ring , RIGHT CENTER:  Castillo Ring , RIGHT:  Teoti Ring

LEFT: Tikal Ring, LEFT CENTER: Picchu Ring, RIGHT CENTER: Castillo Ring, RIGHT: Teoti Ring



PHOTOS & WORDS   |   by Colin Jones.