Artists We Love: Anna Hepler


I can't help but be thoroughly impressed by the breadth and width of Anna Hepler's creative work.  I first stumbled upon one of her collages while browsing through Pinterest and got excited to find more like it, so I looked her up.  I was surprised to find a seriously badass body of work extending far beyond collage that showcased masterful control in a variety of mediums.  From collage and woodcut to installations and large scale sculpture, Anna’s skillful exploration of subjects in both 2D and 3D highlight what a creative force she is.

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Hepler is a master at exploring her subject.  Her process of choosing a material, contemplating the medium and its strengths, and translating that into her work, shines through in outstanding ways. It's unique to find an artist as skilled at bringing her vision to a large range of materials while managing to keep it all feeling well connected.  

I can see that a lot could be written about Hepler's work and talent, but for now, I want this to simply serve as an introduction to one cool lady making inspiring things and give you an overview of her work.   



Woodcut Prints

Gallery wall of a collection of Hepler's Woodcuts

Gallery wall of a collection of Hepler's Woodcuts

Anna Hepler Woodcut Print
Anna Hepler Woodcut Prints
spherical woodcuts Anna Hepler
Sanctuary, 2016.  Woodcut.

Sanctuary, 2016.  Woodcut.




anna hepler, inflatables
helper, inflatables
anna hepler



anna hepler plexigravures
anna hepler plexigravure











A Little about Anna Hepler


I read a comment I liked of Hepler's about how our vulnerability as humans is one of our most precious assets. She says her best work comes from those fragile places, a place that may be embarrassing and uncomfortable personally, and yet it is a gold mine for creativity.  It's no surprise that interesting art spawns from an interesting soul.  

Anna lives in a quiet corner of Eastport, Maine, rather than in one of the hubs where art and culture revolve.  She said she feels it gives her a stable environment to explore the metamorphoses of her life and work.  Whatever her secret, it's working and she's making some truly inspiring things.  Anna Hepler is definitely one of my new favorite artists - and one badass woman. 

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