Independent Makers: Handcrafted Vessels

Concrete Vessel:  IN.SEK , Rings:  RHONE BAND  by GLDN

Concrete Vessel: IN.SEK, Rings: RHONE BAND by GLDN

Porcelain Vessels:  TOKYO CRAFT STUDIOS , Ring: YARRA, Personalized (coming soon)

Porcelain Vessels: TOKYO CRAFT STUDIOS, Ring: YARRA, Personalized (coming soon)


I love to hunt for beautiful handmade vessels.  They dress up my studio as stylish pots for my many cacti or stand on display in the gallery section of my office.  Yes, the “gallery” is just a regular ‘ol shelf.  But that doesn’t sound very fancy, does it?.  In any case, I take care to make sure they gather in a spot where I can easily gaze.  Each piece in the collection - made by an artist’s hands - is special, and I feel lucky to have it.  It feels kind of like the artist left a bit of their story behind for me to ponder and appreciate...and that always makes me smile.

From rustic-chic bud vases to modern minimalist salt cellars, the handcrafted forms add an elegance to daily life.  After reflecting on the last few years of collecting, it would seem that I favor those of the concrete or porcelain variety.  I hadn't realized my clear bias until now, but I suppose it makes sense, as these two mediums lend themselves beautifully to the simple, minimal aesthetic I love.

Carefully crafted fine concrete and porcelain have the seductive ability to exist as both raw and refined.  I'm especially drawn to vessels whose surface has been left natural, without noticeable glaze or varnish.  With a smooth, matte exterior exposed, I can sense the vessel's authentic material; it allows me to feel closer to the process and greater appreciate both its materiality and its soul.  

Having a connection to where the pieces come from further enhance their beauty and specialness.  Knowing they’re from a person just like me and not some big company adds a whole personal element to the experience that’s just priceless and is one of the best things about the Maker Movement in general: you will derive a far greater, lasting sense of appreciation and value from things you get from the hands of the makers themselves.  And to make it even sweeter, you know your purchase from an independent maker helps small business and artistic communities thrive.

Concrete Vessel:  IN.SEK .  Rings: by GLDN, coming soon.

Concrete Vessel: IN.SEK.  Rings: by GLDN, coming soon.

Concrete Vessel:  IN.SEK .  Rings:  GLDN

Concrete Vessel: IN.SEK.  Rings: GLDN

Concrete Vessel (Lids):  CULINARIUM , Rings:  ADRIA ,  AIRE  by GLDN

Concrete Vessel (Lids): CULINARIUM, Rings: ADRIA, AIRE by GLDN

Porcelain Vessels: TOKYO CRAFT STUDIOS.  Ring: by GLDN, coming soon.

Porcelain Vessels: TOKYO CRAFT STUDIOS.  Ring: by GLDN, coming soon.

Porcelain Vessel:  PIGEON TOE CERAMICS .  Rings:  ADRIA ,  AIRE  Stacking Rings

Porcelain Vessel: PIGEON TOE CERAMICS.  Rings: ADRIA, AIRE Stacking Rings

Concrete Vessel:  CULINARIUM .  Rings:  MEUSE  by GDLN.

Concrete Vessel: CULINARIUM.  Rings: MEUSE by GDLN.






IN.SEK is a woman-run, Brooklyn-based company that creates handmade products within the space of art and architecture.  Experimenting with and exploring conventional materials such as concrete, wood, metal, and glass allows them to achieve unconventional and beautiful results. Their work is a constantly evolving dialogue between the harmony of material, form and function.

Care and consideration for craftsmanship and sustainability goes into every project. IN.SEK uses solar power in their studio workshop, donates sawdust to farmers, recycles, and strives to create quality pieces that are durable and timeless.



The Portland sisters behind Pigeon Toe bring an enthusiasm for the community, for learning and to every piece they make.  Their hand-formed ceramics are a stunning alternative to the mass-produced pieces so common nowadays and they “offer a new perspective on the beauty inherent in every day.”  And it’s extra cool knowing that by owning a piece of theirs, you’re supporting an artistic dream that owner/designer Lisa Jones has had since she was in first grade.



Culinarium is a small family owned business based out of Southern Maine.  Each item is personally design and handcrafted in the USA and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.  Their one of a kind goods are produced with eco-friendly materials such as concrete, recycled marble dust, rubber, cork & stainless steel and most of the products are fabricated with locally sourced recycled content.