Independent Makers to check out this Holiday Season!


Here are a few of our favorite Independent Makers that are great for holiday gifting. When you shop with independent makers, you're supporting the true and original craft. These items all come with a whole lot of love and more.



Yield Designs blend the traditional craft with modern accessibility. Sleek, minimal, and understated, their entire collection of items bring a thoughtful approach to the function in everyday home objects.



Without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. "The skin is our largest organ and absorbs 70 percent of what is applied to its surface." This knowledge is the foundation on which they craft their formulations. All products are made using sustainable, active, natural, and in season ingredients. Now that is something we can get behind. 



Minna is a New York based textile brand using traditional craft techniques to produce ethically made goods with a contemporary edge. Partnering with weavers from Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay, Minna helps to ensure craft preservation, as well as job creation.



Kaye Blegvad's creativity is expressed through multiple mediums, and these functional objects are one of many. Kaye is an illustrator, designer, and general wild imagination of a person. These cute and femme details are the perfect touch to any home.



Worthwhile Paper is a husband + wife duo that focus on meaningful design focusing on the magic and love of nature. All the work is drawn and lettered by hand and screen printed with eco friendly materials. These items are intended to bridge a connection, weather its between two people or you and the moon.



It is safe to say that a piece of heart goes into each and every piece. Creator, Sarah Van Raden, states that is the imperfections, the wobbles, and the wonkeyness that make each piece so personal and special. We can agree with that!



Feature Curated by Jordan Payne