Maude Heart Necklace 2018_10_31 - Gift Guide9290.jpg

Maude Heart Necklace

from 35.00
2017_05_03 - Disk chart, studs11109_crop.jpg Copy of TINY INITIAL DISK NECKLACE

Yue Initial Necklace

from 26.00
Kiki Tiny Oval Ring 2018_05_10 - Oval Rings3836-2.jpg

Kiki Tiny Oval Ring

from 33.00
Aurora Bar Ring SP 95.7 frame-2.jpg

Aurora Bar Ring

from 37.00
Mary Tiny Oval Necklaces DSC00792-2.jpg

Mary Tiny Oval Necklaces

from 34.00
Yuki Disk Bracelet RAW-4110-2.jpg

Yuki Disk Bracelet

from 25.00
Zodiac Constellation Disk Necklace 2018_05_17 - Nina 0103-2.jpg

Zodiac Constellation Disk Necklace

from 39.00
Mona Necklace chokers-4547-Edit.jpg

Mona Necklace

from 28.00
Aire Ring DSC_9064.jpg

Aire Ring

from 20.00
Bessie Hoops 2018_06_27 - Thin Hoops5416-2.jpg

Bessie Hoops

from 29.00
Yuki Disk Necklace 2017_10_17 - Kayla Product17285 crop.jpg

Yuki Disk Necklace

from 25.00
Personalized Basquiat Bar Necklace DSC_9283 c.jpg

Personalized Basquiat Bar Necklace

from 29.00
The Dainty Chain 2018_08_22 - 0696-2.jpg

The Dainty Chain

from 22.00
Personalized Rhone Band IMG_8798-Edit.jpg

Personalized Rhone Band

from 40.00
Vertical Initials Bar Necklace 2017_09_02 - Twins Product14262.jpg

Vertical Initials Bar Necklace

from 29.00
Wire Bar Stud Earrings Ilsa.jpg

Wire Bar Stud Earrings

from 22.00
Sonia Cuff Hoops DSC00559-2.jpg

Sonia Cuff Hoops

from 34.00
14k Solid Gold Mona Necklace chokers-4547-gold.jpg

14k Solid Gold Mona Necklace

14k Solid Gold Aire Ring DSC_9064.jpg

14k Solid Gold Aire Ring